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Activities play an essential part in helping residents of all physical abilities to live as fully as possible.  Activities at St Theresa’s are designed not only to respect the individual preferences and needs but also to engage their mind, body and spirit.  Many studies have shown that a mixture of physical activity, intellectual challenges, socialising and spirituality or quiet time for Reflection all enable a person to enjoy a fulfilled life.

St.Theresa’s has a varied Activities schedule.  Some are ongoing and regular, whilst others are more seasonal or dependent on the residents’ interest.  Scheduled activities are open to all residents to participate, and everyone is encouraged to get involved. Individual choice, however, is respected at all times, and residents can choose not to participate. The Activities programme incurs no additional charge to the participants.
At various times throughout the year the following activities are scheduled to be available to those who wish to participate.  The list is not exhaustive and we are open to facilitate news activities as interest and available skills permit.

  • Mass [weekly and Holy Days]
  • Rosary [Daily]
  • In-house Daily Newspaper [Mon-Fri]
  • Resident Association Newsletter [Monthly]
  • Gentle Exercise
  • Sing-along Club
  • Traditional Irish Music Club
  • Baking breads & Cakes/Decorating Confectionary
  • Beauty Treatments [File & Polish and Make-up sessions]
  • Movie Club
  • Garden club
  • Selection of Books available
  • Reading Short Stories/Poetry
  • Waltzing
  • SONAS aPc
  • Review of Parish Newsletters and County Newspapers [Weekly]
  • Reminiscence Therapy
  • Board Games selection [available at all times]
  • Quizzes
  • Arts & Crafts [occasional]
  • Guest Speakers  and Demonstrations [Flowers/Jewellery]
  • Visiting groups; Choirs, Dancers, Musicians
  • Birthday Parties [celebrated for each resident]
  • Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc all celebrated.
  • Visiting individuals and volunteers to converse with residents.
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